Арэнда прасторы
Чэрвень 04, 2014 | Свет

Фотагалерэя Каўнаса запрашае фатографаў прыняць удзел у міжнароднай выставе Celebrating Europe

As part of the European Prospects programme, Kaunas Photography Gallery invites you to submit your work for potential inclusion in the international exhibition “Celebrating Europe” (special attention is given to the new EU member states and Eastern European countries). Selected works will be presented in a group exhibition in September 2014, and the artists will be invited to the opening of the exhibition in Kaunas. An accompanying catalogue will be published.  

Ten years ago, ten new members joined the European Union, and in 2007, the community welcomed another three countries. We invite artists to share their observations about the way an enlarged Europe is seen today, reflecting their own perspectives. We are not so much interested in the major events that occurred, but rather how they leave footprints in casual routines, what worries the artists, and why do they care. How do photographers rethink all these changes, and how it is reflected in their work? Our focus is not on these particular events, but small personal stories that occurred due to these great changes - the stories that are perhaps less important on a global scale, but remain significant on a personal level. The new opportunities brought new challenges and trials, so what are our experiences of these changes in society, how has our environment, lifestyle and mentality changed, and what does it all mean to individuals?

For work selection, please submit one or more series, consisting of 5 to 12 photographs (72 dpi, max length 2000 pixels, size 600 kb). Photographs should be taken within past 10-20 years. Please e-mail your works to celebratingeu@gmail.com by 20 June 2014.