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Кастрычнік 01, 2014 | Свет

The Opening Week of the 5th Tbilisi Photo Festival

The Tbilisi Photo Festival celebrates its fifth anniversary

"A Man With an Accordion. Rezo Kezeli - A Free Spirit of Georgian Soviet Photography"

this year by maintaining its focus on urgent contemporary themes affecting the region while showcasing important historical rediscoveries.Amid the continuing conflict in Ukraine, the festival presents new work by leading Polish documentary photographer Justyna Mielnikiewicz – a series of powerful images of how life is lived surrounded by the current turmoil. Marking the 60th anniversary of Magnum co-founder Robert Capa’s death, the festival is proud to display the remarkable photographs that Capa took during a his 1947 trip to Georgia with author John Steinbeck. Also on show are Davide Monteleone’s pictures exploring post-war identity in Chechnya, and images from a hidden history of photography in Soviet-era Georgia by Rezo Kezeli and Boris Shaverdyan. 

The Tbilisi Photo Festival brings the best of world photography to the heart of the Caucasus, the ancient crossroads of Europe and Asia. Continuing its tradition of creative diversity, on show this year is work from Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy and Belgium. The festival also presents the best photography from the Caucasus and the surrounding region to the world. This year it has a distinct Polish flavour, with Justyna Mielnikiewicz’s new exhibition on Ukraine, a lecture on contemporary photography in Poland by leading Warsaw-based curator Adam Mazur, and the open-air projection of work by photographers from the renowned Poland-based Sputnik collective at the annual Night of Photography, the festival’s showpiece nocturnal event in Tbilisi’s atmospheric Old Town.

This is the Tbilisi Photo Festival’s second major event marking its fifth anniversary this year. In May, the month in which the festival was held in previous years, the exhibition The Real World by the renowned British Magnum photographer Martin Parr and Lithuanian Rimaldas Viksraitis, who won the Arles Festival discovery prize in 2009, was held in Tbilisi. It was the first time that Parr’s work has been exhibited in Georgia and was accompanied by workshops for people with disabilities by Viksraitis.

Night of Photography October 4 The highlight of the fifth edition of the festival, as in previous years, is the Night of Photography, when the streets and squares of Tbilisi’s Old Town are lit up after dark with some of the most inspired and intriguing images from around the world projected on giant screens on café terraces. The festival’s partnership with National Geographic Georgia continues this year with work from some of the world’s most important photographers and agencies, including this year’s World Press Photo prize winner John Stanmeyer from VII Agency, Putin’s Party by Thomas Dworzak of Magnum and Damascus: War and Peace by Andrea Bruce of Noor. Ukrainian photographers also offer their reflections on the crisis in their homeland, including Andrei Lomakin’s Maidan series and Oksana Yushko’s pictures from Yalta (Butterfly Effect), alongside images that will be sent direct to the festival from eastern Ukraine by Roman Pilipey and talented Russian photographer Maria Tourchenkova with her slideshow People’s Republic of Chaos. From the photo agency Metrography, Iraqi photographers show their projects on the recent dramatic events in Kurdistan. There is also Misha Friedman from Cosmos Agency with his recent project about Russians’ everyday experience of graft, Is Corruption in Russia’s DNA?, and a special focus on young German documentary photographers including Andreas Meichsner, Uwe H. Martin, Merlin Nadj-Torma and Wolfgang Müller. For the first time this year, the festival will feature a ion from Cambodia’s Angkor Photo Festival, including work by Moises Saman from Magnum documenting Syrian refugees and Agence VU’s Gael Turine on India’s ‘Fence of Shame’ to prevent illegal immigration. And finally, as always, there will be ions by young emerging photographers from Georgia and the South Caucasus.

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